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How I Started

While I grew up watching my mom bake and decorate cakes as a hobby, i didn't realize my passion for baking until my senior year of high school. I took a culinary arts class because it sounded interesting, and next thing I knew I had impressed the chef with my cake decorating skills. We took a field trip to The Culinary Institute of Michigan and I instantly knew I wanted to go there. So I did, and two years later I had learned a million things and I earned my Associate's Degree of Applied Science in Baking and Pastry Arts. I have now been baking professionally  for 6 years and I have come a long way. I am so excited to see where else baking takes me!

How It's Going

I currently operate as a Michigan Cottage food business, which means I am permitted to sell non-hazardous food items directly to customers without being required to have my kitchen inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. HOWEVER, I have been well-trained in food safety and I keep a very clean and sanitary work environment. I plan to work towards getting a commercial establishment so that I can sell my products to local restaurants/retailers. I chose to pursue this career because I find joy in making people happy with food. 

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